The Debt Lasso Method

What is the Debt Lasso Method?

Although at first, it may appear that the Debt Lasso Method is a method of refinancing debt to lower interest, it’s so much more. There are 5 basic steps to the Debt Lasso Method that are enhanced when you use the Debt Lasso Calculator.

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Simply put, the Debt Lasso Method is the best way to pay off credit cards. Here’s why:

  1. It’s the fastest way to pay off credit card debt
  2. It’s the cheapest way to pay off credit card debt
  3. If done based on the steps outlined below, it’ll improve your credit score
  4. No need to redo calculations month-to-month like the Debt Snowball and Debt Avalanche require, combining the benefits of both into one process.

5 Steps of the Debt Lasso Method

1. Commit

Without the commitment not a single debt pay off method will work. The two step commitment process helps get you going!

2. Trim

The trimming step gives you that first big win!

3. Lasso

The lasso step is how we cut our credit card bills by $10,000 in the first year!

4. Automate

The automation step will help free up your time and make sure you never miss another credit card bill again!

5. Monitor

The monitor step keeps you in control and motivated to keep going!

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