Get Help Paying Off Debt

If you need help paying off debt, you’ve come to the right place.

Over an over again we hear folks say, “paying off credit card debt should be easy,” but the truth is, it’s not.

None of us were born knowing how to manage finances, how to create a budget, how to create pay off plan, how to reduce our interest rates so we can pay off debt faster. We all want to be debt free, but some of us seem to have a difficult time.

We’ve got your back covered to provide you help paying off debt.

We know what it’s like to pay off debt. We were over $51,000 in debt, all credit cards and it was suffocating. It’s it?

We tried all sorts of things. We had our successes and our failures. We learned from them. Now we want to share that with you, so you can be debt free in the shortest amount of time possible.

Below are the tools we provide to help you pay off credit card debt faster while saving you the most amount of money.


  • Pay off credit card debt faster than any other system
  • Save thousands of $$ on interest
  • Improve your credit score

This exclusive system helped pay off over $150,000 in credit card debt in 2019!

$100/yr or $10/month

  • Students call it the “Money Therapy” they need to stay on track
  • Join others to get insight, Q&A and motivation to stay on track and pay off your credit card debt

This is an add on option only available to those who’ve purchased the $97 Credit Card Pay Off Course.


  • Get the one-to-one guidance you need
  • A custom plan to build your best financial life
  • Once a month session
  • Weekly custom emails to motivate your progress